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Lubetech products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

2-wheeled bins Spill Response Kit

Specialists in spill control, containment and absorbensts, range of Spill response kits, drain protection products, drum and IBC storage items.

2-wheeled bins Maintenance Spill Response Kit

They're spill kits on wheels - ones that can be taken to the action. Ideal for the larger workplace where potential hazards may be some distance apart. There's three capacities, 120ltr, 240ltr and 360ltr in each of the three grades. Each one is carefully packed with the appropriate absorbents and PPE to contain and absorb a spill up to the size stated. One feature that might not be noticed in the pictures is the security tag on the front of the bin. Put a tag through the pre-drilled holes on delivery, close it up and it makes audits easy. If it's closed, the kit hasn't been used. If its broken the kit needs checking.

•Superior grade general purpose refillable spillage kit
•Filled with superior grade absorbent products
•Easy to follow instructions included in the kit
•Supplied in a top quality weather proof 2-wheeled bin with a hinged lid
•Complete spill kit designed for spills up to 120litres
•Products packed in deployment order
•Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills.
•The top quality 2-wheeled bin is easy to transport and deploy
•Clearly labelled to eliminate confusion.
•Kit includes waste disposal bags and cable ties for an efficient disposal of used product.

14-1120 (120ltr Bin)

14-1240 (240ltr Bin) 

14-1360 (360ltr Bin)

60 x Pads

150 x Pads

190 x Pads

4 x Socks

6 Socks

8 x 1.2m Socks

4 x Pillows

10 x Pillows

4 x 3m Socks

10 x Bags & Ties 1 x floor sign

16 x Pillows

  1 x Hazard tape 1 x floor sign
  18 x Bags & Ties 1 x Hazard tape


  24 x Bags & Ties

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