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Lubetech products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Once - Only Maintenance Spill Response Kit

Specialists in spill control, containment and absorbensts, range of Spill response kits, drain protection products, drum and IBC storage items.

Once - Only Maintenance Spill Response Kit

The most basic - that means that not only is there sufficient absorbent material of the right grade for the size of spill - but also a pair of gloves and a disposal bag.
Choose from two sizes, 15ltr and 25ltr. Both of these are packed in an easily grabbed clear plastic bag. with a clip closure across the top. It's easy to close and quick to open when there's a need and that could be anywhere.

Anywhere where there's fluid. These kits are so simple, so cost effective, so easy to have in the right place at the right time that it doesn't make sense to be without.

These kits can be located in all spill prone areas
The pads are black in colour inside a clear carrier
Ergonomically designed for comfortable carrying.

Superior grade general purpose disposable spillage kit
Filled with superior grade absorbent products
Easy to follow instructions included in the kit
Supplied in an easy access clip close carrier
Complete spill kit designed for spills up to 15litres
Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills.
Kit is small enough to be stored almost anywhere, van and lorry cabs, workbenches, confined storage areas.
Easy to recognise maintenance colour
Kit includes waste disposal bags and cable ties for an efficient disposal of used product.

14-1015 (15ltr Clear Bag)

14-1025 (25ltr Clear Bag)

Pads - 10

Pads - 20

Socks - 1

Socks - 2

Bags & Ties - 1

Bags & Ties - 2

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