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Lubetech products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Premium Chemical boom

Specialists in spill control, containment and absorbensts, range of Spill response kits, drain protection products, drum and IBC storage items.

Premium Chemical boom

The chemical boom, think of it as a large diameter sock, filled with chemical absorbent material. It's for use on land only. Ideal for containing large spills where the fluids might be unspecified.

•The top quality chemical absorbent boom from the Lubetech range
•Easily attached to each other, via snap on clip and ring system
•Designed for containing and corralling spills on a hard surface
•Maximum fluid retention due to spun bond inner skin, and netting technology.
•Very high absorbency
•Chemical resistant
•The top quality chemical absorbent boom on the market

Pack Quantity


Pack Weight


Unit Size

520 x 420 x 470mm

Use to Absorb

30 litres per boom

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