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Lubetech products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Bonded Maintenance Multi Roll

Specialists in spill control, containment and absorbensts, range of Spill response kits, drain protection products, drum and IBC storage items.

Bonded Maintenance Multi Roll
12-1028 Maintenance Roll
 An absorbent roll with attitude. One product, many uses.
 First, it's grey. Great for masking the dirt. There's dimples - bond points as they're known. It means it won't fall apart too easily. Then there's perforations - lots of them. In fact, twice up the length and every 46cm.
 Now think. How and where , could it be used? Take once piece, and its a pad. Take a length three pieces long fold it twice lengthways and its a sock. Pull off as much as is needed and its a roll for lining benches or wherever larger pieces are required.
 Pack Quantity: 1
 Unit Size: 38cm x 46cm
 Use to Absorb 89.0 litres per roll

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