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Cromwell ER1 (3)

Helmets Integrated products in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Cromwell ER1 (3)
Helmets for CBRN and Emergency Rescue Operations

Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd manufacture helment systems with integrated face shields, visors, respiratory and communications equipment, offering protection to personnel in a wide range of occupations including pilots, firefighters & emergency services.

Helmets for CBRN and Emergency Rescue Operations
The Cromwell ER1(3), forms part of the current UK Police CBRN protective clothing and equipment kit, in use throughout the UK today.
Selected following an extensive trial by the Police National CBRN centre, through the Operational Response Programme, the CBRN helmet was tested extensively to ensure that it would not interfere with the protective faceseal between the wearers face, the respirator and the hoods of NBC protective suit.


  • Tested to ensure no interference with respirator faceseal (To EN 136:1998)
  • Weighs less than 800 grams
  • Manufactured from heat and impact resistant thermoplastic
  • Adjustable headband, brow pad, and chinstrap (Wear with and without the respirator and hoods)
  • Easy donning adjustments with gloved hands
  • Retractable integral visor (Worn retracted when wearing the CR1 ensemble) & options on CBRN helmet mounted faceshield, hearing protection and more.


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